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Come join us at Daly River for our very own Fi Weaving Tours


the weaving story


On this tour we will introduce you to ‘Fi’ and what it means to us.

Our art and culture program features the ’Fi Weaving Tours’, a dillybag weaving demonstration and workshop.
The tour features the local women sharing their culture and knowledge through dillybag weaving workshops.  After a  power point lecture given by the old ladies in the adult education centre which is a practical replacement for not being able to go bush, visitors can participate in stripping, colouring, rolling and weaving of Merrepen fibres with the old ladies.
This will be followed by a bush tucker tasting of the food that is gathered in the Merrepen fish net such as prawns and little fish.

We choose to use the word “Fi” because in Ngen’giwumirri and Ngan’gikurunngurr the word describes how you can create something from nothing.

In addition to the Fi Weaving Tour, planning is currently underway to develop a unique day tour for visitors to the region.The day tours will offer employment and training for local people and deliver much need economic and social development opportunities.The untouched wilderness, wildlife, billabongs and wetlands on the doorstep of the Nauiyu Community offers visitors a way to see the area and interact with local Indigenous people.

To find out how to book a Fi Weaving tour, please contact us!

Merrepen Arts

Merrepen Arts

Merrepen Arts